Make Your Own AR-15

Originally posted on Facebook as a shared link with comment (June 22, 2016).

I Made an Untraceable AR-15 ‘Ghost Gun’ in My Office—And It Was Easy

Interesting article. For anyone who thinks gun control is a solution – good luck with that.

As adults, we should recognize that guns exist and that bad guys will have them. In a society where having a gun is rare, anyone who does get one becomes more powerful than most people. Governments will always have guns. Some bad guys will get guns illegally. Some bad guys will endeavor to join the government.

In the USA, we don’t allow governments and bad guys to be the only ones that wield that kind of power. To borrow a line from the Incredibles, when everyone’s super, no one will be. We need to make guns commonplace, and we need to teach firearm safety starting at an early age. High schools should have gun ranges. Any student that misbehaves in their handling of guns should be disciplined physically, because beatings are preferable to death.

These are the realities that we must face. Next time you hear someone advocate gun control, offer them a lollipop.

Want an AR-15?

Originally posted on Facebook as a shared link with comment (June 18, 2016).

I Love My Children, So You’ll Never Take My AR-15

I want one. And I want my wife and children to know how to use it and have experience with it. It seems that there are more and more people every year that have no understanding whatsoever of how the world works and how to deal with it. Too many people are inexperienced with guns and seem to live in a fantasy world where the right person could sign a piece of paper with the right words on it and then evil people who want to kill us or take what we have would just be completely unable to obtain a gun. I guess they must also believe that there are no users of illegal drugs because they are completely unavailable to anyone. I don’t post on Facebook much but I am irritated that there are so many idiots out there that vote. Useful idiots who think that everything will be better if only we make the government more powerful so that our smart, benevolent leaders can make everything better for us. Because it’s not possible for evil people to fool us in this country. Evil people always come right out and say that they want more money and more power so that they can benefit themselves. The ones who promise to make everything better can be trusted to wield as much power as necessary to make their promises come true. History proves this out, right?